Welcome to Embody’s online screening for eating attitudes.

Your results will be displayed for you to review and print or email. A reminder that these screenings are designed to evaluate eating and body image concerns only, they do not provide a diagnosis. Health professionals need much more information about you in order to make a diagnosis.

Please tick the box that best describes how you’ve been feeling about your relationship to food over the past 4 weeks:

Have you felt that you give too much time and attention to thinking about food?

I often find myself thinking about what I should or should not eat.

Have you worried about being overweight or gaining weight?

Have you avoided certain foods because you think they are too high in calories?

Like bread, rice, potatoes, pizza, fried foods, sweets candy.

Have you felt guilty after eating?

Have you gone on eating binges where you felt that you might not be able to stop despite feeling full or uncomfortable?

Have you felt that food impacts the decisions you make about what activities to participate in?

You make decisions about whether to attend social events because you want to avoid eating unhealthy foods.

Have you avoided eating in front of others because you are worried about what they might think?

You have worried that others are judging you for your food choices, for eating too little, or too much.

Have you tried to avoid eating even when you are hungry?

If you'd like the results emailed to you, you can optionally enter your email and name before submitting your screening.