Welcome to Embody’s online screening for body image attitudes.

Your results will be displayed for you to review and print or email. A reminder that these screenings are designed to evaluate eating and body image concerns only, they do not provide a diagnosis. Health professionals need much more information about you in order to make a diagnosis. Please tick the box that best describes how you’ve been feeling about your appearance over the past 4 weeks:

Have your felt badly about yourself because of your body shape?

Have you focused on your weight or flaws you think your body has?

Have you felt so badly about your body image that you have cried or felt very upset?

Have you avoided activities because you are concerned about how your body will look?

Avoided going swimming or participating in sports for fear of how you will look doing it.

Has being around thin, fit or athletic people made you feel self-conscious about your body?

Have you worried about what your body looks like in front of others?

Worrying about how your thighs look or if your stomach sticks out when you sit down.

Have you felt that your life would be better if your body looked differently?

Like things in your life would be easier or you would be happier if you were thinner, more athletic or muscular.

Has worry about your body shape made you feel you should exercise in order to change your appearance?

If you'd like the results emailed to you, you can optionally enter your email and name before submitting your screening.