Embody (formerly Jessie’s Legacy) equips BC parents and professionals with trusted resources to support young people before they develop an eating disorder. Embody is a provincial program of Family Services of the North Shore, and one of the seven BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information.

Our Program

Embody provides tools and resources to address disordered eating, body image, mental health, weight stigma, and self-compassion for children and youth of all ages. We create original content, based on current research, and feature stories from people who’ve been there. We can also help you find more support, if you need it.

Our Brand

The word “embody” invites parents, caregivers, professionals, and kids to be exactly who they are; to find comfort in their skin and approach their bodies with neutral curiosity. It’s warm, accepting, and flexible.

Embody logo: usage guidelines

The full-colour Embody logo and tagline is our main logo and should be used only against a white background. It’s important to ensure that the tagline is legible. In rare cases only, please use the logo variation without the tagline.

Logo: alignment and spacing

Leave at least a minimum amount of space between the Embody logo and tagline, and any other elements, including text. The minimum space should equal the height of the uppercase K in all directions.

Logo: different uses

The reverse logo in white can be used on the Embody background or on one-colour backgrounds. Please avoid placing the logo on photos or other patterns that may affect legibility.

Logo: one-colour uses

The Embody one-colour logo in greyscale or violet can be used in select cases when full colour is not available.

For any questions about the Embody logo guidelines, please contact us at embody@familyservices.bc.ca